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Parenting Books: Raising a Reader

raise_a_reader_logoraise_a_reader_logoBooks for parents & caregivers,
grandparents & babysitters.
Waiting for a baby to arrive?
Teaching a child to read?
These lists for adults who care for young children
are sure to provide the answers and guidance
you're looking for!

Come back often to view updated
bibliographies and lists on new topics.

Baby Talk: Books About Infants

Learn more about infant development, infant sleeping issues, the baby's developing brain, and explore some humorous parenting books.

Toddler Times: Books About Toddlers

Read about toddler development, potty training and feeding that picky eater.  Also explore some titles in our electronic collection -- downloadables and e-books.

Preschoolers:  Stretching Their Wings

What does it take to get through a day with a preschooler?  Always moving, always exploring and quite frequently testing.  Here are books to help you get inside their heads and get them ready for school.

Learning to Read: Literacy For Your Family

Learning to read takes a lot of practice, a lot of patience and a few tricks here and there.  Learn more about how children learn to read and ways to keep it fun.  Want a lifelong reader?  Explore this bibliography!

Special Needs: Special Topics

Every child is unique, and sometimes their needs require special understanding.  Learn from parents and professionals, get information and encouragement. 

Traveling With Kids: Michigan & Beyond

The family vacation is an American tradition and they rarely go quite as planned.  This bibliography has ideas for where to go and how to have fun as a family.  Also highlighted are a few favorite audiobooks for children and local destinations with great websites.

Websites: Exploring the Internet

The web can be exciting resource for parents and caregivers. Visit some of these suggested sites (and maybe bookmark a few). You never know when they'll come in handy down the road!  Even adults need to be cautious when it comes to the 'net... before you make a purchase or share personal information visit the Better Business Bureau.

Starring Boys: Fairy Tales and Folk Lore About BoysKid_riding_snake_WinCE

These stories highlight the courage, culture and traditions of boys from around the world.  There are also suggestions about helping boys find the books that capture their attention and imaginations.  Also, read about why it is important to read aloud to children.

Cinderella: A Story From Around the WorldHippo_with_bird_WinCE

Enjoy Cinderella stories from around the world celebrating diverse cultures and traditions.  Also find suggestions for fairy tales written for adults, and read about why it is important to read aloud to children.


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