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 Summer Reading

Incentives More to do &
more reading rewards
Important Dates Good Reads Reading Log 

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All participants ages birth-12 will track the time they spend reading daily, log them online and can redeem those points for rewards all summer long!

Participating in summer reading can be done in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Get a library card
(Don't have one? Get your parents, then click here)

Step 2: Sign up online using your own library card number
Step 3: Read and record your time online or print out a copy of 
the reading log to keep track of your time.

(record 1 point for every 15 minutes of reading time)
Step 4: Visit the youth desk to redeem your reading for a reward starting on June 18 @ 9 am and continuing through August 10.

Reading ANYTHING counts - books, magazines, online articles, listening to audio books, subtitles of a movie, graphic novels, comic books, the instructions to a board game, even the back of your cereal box - a few minutes here and there can really add up, so be sure to count them all!

Let's start with the good stuff...what can you redeem all that reading for?
Level 1: 20 points Collect: Ice Cream Coupon
Level 2: 20 more points (40 total) Collect: Foldable Water Bottle
Level 3: 20 more points (60 total) Collect: Book Bonanza
Level 4: 20 more points (80 total) Collect: Above and Beyond prize entry
Level 5: 20 more points (100 total) Collect: Above and beyond prize entry
Level 6: 20 more points (120 total) Collect: Above and Beyond prize entry

1 point = 15 minutes of reading time

Rewards for can be claimed through August 10 @ 6 pm.

Above and Beyond prizes include

a bookstore giftcard, a microscope prize pack, 

an art supply gift pack, a sand table,

a backyard safari kit, and lots more!

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Dates to remember:

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June 1 Registration Begins!  
June 1 Kick Off with Magician Chris Linn & Hands-On Fossil Hunt
June 4 Underground Animals Storytime
June 15 Father's Day Carnival
June 17 Outdoor Explorers (and every Monday till Aug 5)
 June 18 First Day for Prizes
June 18 Ice Cream Social
June 20 Storytime in the Park
June 27 We Dig Your Pets Parade
June 29  International Mud Day
 July 10 R.I.F. Paperback Giveaway 
July 12 Storytime in the Park
July 13 Youth Wii Day
 July 20 Joel's Wunderground Comedy Show
July 23 Digbie Digs Deep Puppet Show
July 26 "Sand"tastic Castles at Spencer Park
Aug 3 Happy Birthday, Amelia Bedelia
Aug 6 Storytime in the Park
Aug 9 "Unearth" Your Creativity
Aug 10 Last Day for Prizes
August 14 Wrap Up Party - Wild & Crazy Worm Party

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Grand Guessing &
I Spy Games & BINGO

Suggested Summer

I Spy & Grand Guessing games are set up in the youth department right new the reference desk.  Stop in to play.

You can find the BINGO board here.

Simon Says

Playing is important for reading skills!


Practice writing with a pretend restaurant.

T-Rex Math

Math is required for this coloring sheet!

Use the events calendar to register for and find out about events you'd like to participate in this summer.
Read carefully... everything you need to know will be in the program description.

Dig into Reading!

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Middle School

Remember to count and record any reading you do during these activities in your online log!

Summer Reading Home Parents read, too! Adult Teen Large Print

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