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2014 Volunteer of the Year - Mark & Pat Pierce

 Friend of Year 2014


In 1955 Frank Sinatra recorded a song called “Love and Marriage”. The ending of the first and last verses goes like this – “you can’t have one without the other”. When it comes to the 2014 Friends Volunteers of the Year, Mark and Pat Pierce, that phrase if very fitting. Whenever there is a Friend’s event and you talk about Mark and Pat Pierce, you can’t have one without the other.

Mark and Pat Pierce have been an invaluable part of the Used Book Sales the last 7 years, and especially the last three years as Co-Chairman. They are always willing to do more than expected, and do it well. As the saying goes, “no job too big, no job too small”. They are at the library 4-5 days a week, making sure that everything is taken care of, and are at the book sales every day. They have taken over the Summer Sale the last 2 years. They not only have gone to people’s houses to pick up donations, but have packed them up too.

Mark has taken complete responsibility for the over 1300 boxes of books that need to be stored between sales and keeping up the inventory. When we wanted to have wooden shelves to display more books at the sales, he designed and built eight of them. Mark was also a member of the Friends Board of Directors for three years, filled in to take minutes when the secretary was not at meetings, and was active on the 50th Anniversary Committee to prepare a display of area businesses that were in operation 50 years or more.

Pat has taken on the job of checking all the donated audiovisual materials that come in, helps with the on-line shipping, works as a book sorter, and works on the book cart in the lobby. Also, Pat is a prolific quilter and has donated quilts to the Friends for various fund raisers. She also made the “Friends” quilt that adorns the membership table at book sales and during membership week in April.

The work that Mark and Pat Pierce have done to support the Friends of RHPL has gone a long way to making us as successful as we’ve been these past few years.

We salute Mark and Pat Pierce, the 2014 Friends Volunteers of the Year.

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