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GM Heritage Center Tour  


gm pic1On May 8, 2013, the Friends of Rochester Hills Public Library (RHPL) sponsored a visit to the GM Heritage Center in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The Friends is a non-profit organization that for more than 50 years has raised money to support library special events and programs.    

Tour participants viewed the GM North American Heritage Collection which consists of approximately 600 cars and trucks. Concept cars and special-interest styling/performance “one-offs” are a part of the collection, along with significant race cars and milestone production vehicles. The GM Heritage collection continually changes. New vehicles are constantly added to fully represent GM’s product story of the past 100+ years. Approximately 200 vehicles are on display at any one time.

One of the purposes of the GM Heritage Center is to share the history and accomplishments of General Motors, and to inspire ideas for the future. For this reason, the facility has been designed to accommodate business meetings, training sessions and corporate events. It is not open to the public but is available for organizations such as the Friends seeking a unique and exclusive tour.

Ron Meegan, Vice President of the Friends of RHPL and coordinator of the GM Heritage Tour reported that participant response was enthusiastic. “Folks walked up to me and wanted to know when the tour would be offered again.   Next time they want to be certain to tell their friends and neighbors about it.” Because The GM Heritage Collection constantly changes, a return trip in 2014 means participants wouldn’t see exactly the same collection they saw this May.

Many participants brought cameras and took pictures of their favorite cars. Click here to see pictures of the event. Meegan noted that seeing a 1969 British Racing Green Corvette brought back memories of his first Corvette. “I picked it up the evening of March 16th and went to the quarter car wash at 11:00 pm that night to make sure is would be clean for my drive to work the next day.”

Besides bringing cameras, other participants wrote about their tour experience. Ken Dorn noted, “When the doors to the main area were opened, we were presented with an historical and memory-jogging expanse of cars and trucks that stretched for hundreds of feet and were arranged into groups by make….Many of the vehicles were one-of-a-kind concept cars, but many others were the cars of our youth and our dreams.” Click this link to see more of Dorn’s comments.

“We really appreciate the fund-raising effort of the Friends of RHPL,” said library director Christine Lind Hage.   “The Friends book sales, book cart, annual home tour, and library store are very popular and are major sources of funding. However, the Friends also host other fund-raising events that are fun and appealing to members of the community.   The GM Heritage tour was one, but another exciting event is scheduled for August 14. It is the “Let’s Get Grilling” cooking class at Twin Lakes Golf Club.” See the Friends “Special Events” tab on the Library website (rhpl.org) for more details.

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