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Two Year Olds Print E-mail

little_girl_reading Between the ages of two and three, a child will...

Enjoy rough-and-tumble play.
(Turn games into learning activites with letters & numbers)

Enjoy scribbling with (or on) anything.
(Encourage her scribbling by coloring side-by-side with her)

Often react to frustration or disappointment with kicking, hitting or biting.
(Step in to help prevent aggression, and teach appropriate responses)

Begin to sing familiar songs and say rhymes.
(Continue exploring songs and rhymes, especially those that repeat)

Participate for short periods with other children.
(Encourage cooperative play, but understand her limits and needs)

Begin to "pretend play" with common household objects.
(Have a basket of cast-off objects, like old phones or pans, to play with)

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