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Three Year Olds Print E-mail

preschoolstorycolor During their third year, children will...

Notice "print" and ask for it to be read.
(Point out words while you're reading, driving, walking and playing)

Scribble in circles and name their drawings.
(Get out the fingerpaint, pudding and sand - they like to get dirty!)

Have dreams that are scary and memorable.
(With new language come his nightmares, settling routines become important)

Become very entertained by singing and dancing.
(Make a point to engage in lots of silliness while reading)

Develop more independence and begin to have real friendships.
(Use his interest in friends to engage in reading, writing & drawing activities)

Learn to control their bodies - bikes, swings & balls, here they come!
(Use his interest in physical play to teach rules and routines)

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