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Stories, music and movement...
building early literacy skills
while having fun at the library!

Welcome to Youth Programs!

Now that your child is registered using his/her very own RHPL library card,
please read the guidelines and information below.

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Guidelines and Tips for Storytime

Arrive Early
Allow you and your little one time to hang up your coats and get ready for storytime. Storytimes start promptly at their scheduled time. Once the door is closed, do not enter the storyroom.

bathroomVisit the Bathroom
Leave enough time for a trip to the bathroom before storytime begins. Preschoolers who need to use the restroom during their storytime will not be allowed to re-enter.

Prepare for Preschool Time
Preschool Time is an independent storytime for children ages 3 to 5 years old. Prepare your child (and yourself) to attend without an adult. If your child isn't ready to attend alone, please consider Family Fun.

Behavior Expectations
Young children like to explore but they should not prevent others from enjoying their storytime. Please help encourage positive behaviors like good listening, following directions and being respectful of people and things in the story room.  Your involvement in storytime is a great way to model these behaviors!

Courtesy to All
phone_2Please silence your cell phones at the beginning of storytime.   Nothing ruins a good story like a ringtone, no matter how catchy the tune. Also your child should leave any of his/her stuffed friends and toys outside the story room. Please do not bring snacks to storytime, as this may become a distraction to other children.

homeStorytime at Home
We emphasize literacy in all of our programs, often through playful activities. Children learn through play, so think of this as your 30 minutes a week to pick up fun new activities to try together at home.

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Guidelines and Tips for Other Youth Programs

Registration & Confirmationcomputer_registration
If a program requires registration, each child must have (and be registered with) his own card. Age guidelines are posted because programs are planned with specific ages in mind.  Registration is available online; if you're unfamiliar with our registration system please visit the Youth Room on or before registration day. We may be unable to assist you on the phone on registration day because we are helping patrons visiting the library.  Print or record your confirmation number. Think of it as your ticket, and bring it with you to the program.

 On the Program Dayclock
Arrive a little early to use the restroom and get ready to participate. Have your confirmation number handy! Your "confirmed" spot will be held only until the program begins. Please be aware that your spot (and program materials) may be given away if you are not on time. Once the program door is closed, please do not enter.  During independent programs for older children, parents are to stay in Youth Services. We need to be able to find you quickly if there is a problem or question.

During the Programphone
Participate along with your child, they're learning by watching you! That means silencing your phone and taking a break from texting. (And don't be afraid to look ridiculous, your child will love it!) If you need to step out of the program to use the bathroom or to re-group, please re-enter the program quietly when there's a break in the action. Sometimes it just isn't working for a child; don't feel bad if you need to leave and try again the next time.

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Odds and Ends: Information for Everyone        

Illness and Inclement Weather
If you or your child are under the weather, please stay home and rest up! Call the youth desk, 248-650-7140, to let us know you will not be attending. We will look forward to seeing you when everyone is feeling better.

snowyIf the Rochester Community Schools are closed due to inclement weather or hazardous road conditions, the library's programs are also cancelled.

Registration Requirements
To register for youth programs, children must reside in Rochester, Rochester Hills or Oakland Township and be registered with their very own library card number. (If your child is attending school in our service area, they are eligible for a student card.  Visit the information desk to learn about student cards.)  To sign up your child for a library card, click here.

Family Fun!

Monday - 9:30 am

Family Fun!

Wednesday - 9:30 am

Little Scientists

Monday - 10:30 am

Silly Sensory

Wednesday 10:30 am

Multicultural Music & Me

Tuesday - 9:30 am

Hop, Skip, and Jump

Thursday - 9:30am

Terrific Twos

Tuesday - 10:30 am

Preschool Storytime

Thursday - 10:30 am

 Mother Goose

Tuesday - 1:15 pm


Spring Session:

Session begins April 14th -- Registrations begins April 7th

(sessions run for 4 weeks)

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