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Our mission at the Rochester Hills Public Library is to provide resources that inform, educate, enlighten, and entertain the people of our community.

Beneath the rich traditions and legacy of Rochester Hills Public Library’s long heritage, lies a quiet but bold aspiration to attain a new level of excellence. Our vision, though continuous with its cherished past, is to become the recognized leader in providing resources to inform, educate, enlighten and entertain the people of our community.

With over 80 years of service to the community, the Library is an essential factor in the quality of life in Rochester, Rochester Hills and Oakland Township. You can help build a brighter future for the library and contribute to a community vision of information and education for future generations.

Through your generosity, facilities are developed and maintained, collections are enhanced and programs are offered to everyone in the community. Your long term gift can help secure the Library and be an important part in moving our mission forward.

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