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Nov. 1, 2018





African Safaris and the Importance of Conservation at Rochester Hills Public Library


(ROCHESTER HILLS- Nov. 1, 2018) On Thursday, Nov. 15 the Rochester Hills Public Library is set to take off an African Safari. Jay Ahmed, founder of KMX Global Travel and African safari specialist will be at the library to discuss how sustainable tourism companies in Africa are working with the local communities to protect their amazing ecosystems.

The African safari is one of the most unique and exciting travel experiences, and a major economic driver in the region, but the large mammals that draw thousands of tourists every year are threatened by environmental changes and other dangers, such as poachers. Over the years, Ahmed has traveled extensively to Africa and even spent several years living in South Africa, and he’s become an expert on the African safari experience.

“There are so many companies and businesses tied to tourism in Africa,” said Jay Ahmed. “But some of them truly go above and beyond in sustainability efforts. Without the beautiful and unique ecosystems and wildlife, a safari loses its appeal. In order to maintain their economy that depends so heavily on tourism, conservation and community upliftment has to be a large part of the conversation.”

In threatened ecosystems, humans can play a curtail role in helping to protect and improve the delicate environmental balance, without having to sacrifice the aspects that make a new place so exciting to visit.

“The African safari is one of the most interesting trips a person can take in their lifetime. We’re very excited to have an event that touches on both how amazing a safari can be, and how people are working to protect that ecosystem so that generations to can experience the same awe and wonder that we feel today,” said Community Relations Specialist Amanda Harrison Keighley.

The program is Nov. 15 from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room and is open to everyone with an RHPL library card. This program is geared toward adults but all ages are welcome. Please register in advance at



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