Fines & Fees

If your items are due back at the Library soon, you might be able to renew them online through My Account. If you would like to renew an item, or have questions about renewing items, you can call our Checkout staff at 248-650-7174 or email us.

If you kept your items past their due date, you will be charged overdue fines according to the Library's policy. You can pay your fines at the Checkout Desk.

You can pay your balance online through My Account with a credit card (Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, and JCB). Login to My Account and click on "Fines & Fees" to view any assessed fees. You will see a button appear that says "Pay Fines Now". If you would like to pay your fines online, first click in the check-box at the beginning of the row for the fines you wish to pay. Once they are selected, click on the "Pay Fines Now" button, and it will walk you through the process of using your credit card to pay the amount due for the fines you selected.

If you have a small library fine that you'd like to resolve quickly without waiting in line, take advantage of our Quick Pay envelopes that are available at the Checkout and Information desks for your convenience:

  1. Using any self check out machine or any catalog computer in the building check your library account for fines owed as of right now. (Overdue items returned today may not display fines yet).
  2. Fill out the quick pay envelope completely and clearly – make sure we have the library card number of the account you wish to clear.
  3. Insert cash or check and deposit envelope in the quick pay slot at the Information Desk. The same slot is used for suggestions.