Story Group Guidelines

REgistration is required

Children must be registered with their own card, and must be within the age range that is specified for each group.  You may only register for one group for each session.  For example, if you're registered for Music & Me, you cannot be registered for Family Fun, too.

Arrive Early

Allow you and your child time to hang up your coats and get ready for storytime. Storytimes start promptly at their scheduled time.

Visit the Bathroom

Leave enough time for a trip to the bathroom before storytime begins. Bathroom breaks in the middle of storytime can be very disruptive

Take a Break - It's OK!

Young children like to move and explore, but they should not prevent others from enjoying storytime. If your child becomes disruptive or upset, please take a break outside of the storyroom and return when he/she is calm.

Model Appropriate Behaviors

Parent/Caregiver involement in storytime is a great way to model appropriate behaviors! This helps encourage positive behaviors like participation, good listening, following directions, and being respectful of people and things in the story room.

Cell Phones

Please silence and put away your cell phones at the beginning of storytime. We appreciate it if you do not record video during storytime.

Personal Toys

Your child should leave any personal toys and/or items at home. The library is filled with developmentally appropriate and engaging toys!


Please do not bring snacks to storytime, as this may become a distraction to other children.

Adult Conversations

Please avoid chatting with other adults during storytime. Our storytimes are for you and your child to learn & enjoy together!

Clean Up

Encourage your child to help clean up any materials and toys used during storytime.

Storytime at Home

We emphasize literacy in all of our programs, often through playful activities. Children learn through play, so think of this as your 30 minutes a week to pick up fun new activities to try together at home.

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